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The Nonsuch Lure - Mary M. Luke My grandmother read this back in the day and wanted me to find a copy for her. Unfortunately this book out of print but I did find a used copy and I’m glad I did. Reincarnation, historical mystery, and a love that spans over four hundred years! Following a lead from a journal found in a Williamsburg bookshop, Andrew Moffatt jets off to England to uncover a secret buried beneath the ruins of King Henry VIII’s opulent Nonsuch Palace. Through past life regression Andrew learns that he has lived twice before and that he is bound to the beautiful Chloe Cuddington whose ancestral lands were taken by King Henry VIII.

Luke’s descriptions of 16th and 17th century England are lovely. However the romance side of the story could have been fleshed out more, especially for two souls so madly and deeply in love. I also wish we could have gotten a little more from all three incarnations of Chloe. We never really get to “know” her except that she is extraordinarily beautiful. Overall The Nonsuch Lure is a fun, enjoyable book and should appeal to fans of historical and time-travel romances (although no actual time-travel occurs).