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The Sweetest Dark - Shana Abe I received this book through a Goodreads giveaway.

When a book is compared to Libba Brays' Gemma Doyle series, it better deliver the goods. But The Sweetest Dark is just another typical YA paranormal romance, complete with a love triangle. I liked the fact that this was set during WWI, a setting you don't normally see in YA. It's also nice to run across a YA paranormal with no vampires or werewolves whatsoever! The beginning of the book is a little rocky and skips over the most defining period in Lora's life entirely. If a character has been locked in an asylum, I want all the horrible, juicy details! If you're a huge fan of YA paranormal romance you'll probably enjoy The Sweetest Dark. If not, you may want to steer clear.